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How to use dowsing rods?

What is the first thing you think of when you think about dowsing rods?

Water witching, ghost hunting, buried treasure,  ley lines,

looking for land mines or power lines?

You can do all of this and more!

And this site will help you.

Below you will find a lot of free information

on Dowsing rods.

We hope this helps!




Who Uses Dowsing Rods?


People from all walks of life use dowsing rods. Doctors, police, military, power line repair men, psychics, healers, student, farmers, lawyers, hunters, treasure seekers and many more.



Tools Used for Dowsing


L Rods - A tool with two L shaped rods commonly made out of metal. They are held parallel to the ground with the short end of the rod in each hand.


Pendulums - A tool with a device hanging from a string commonly made out of crystal or metal. It may swing or move back and forth when the target is near.

Forked stick - A tool commonly made from a Y shaped stick or fresh tree branch. This is the most traditional tool and is also held parallel to the ground. The stick moves up or down when it is near target.



How to use dowsing rods properly!


Hold a rod in front of you, one in each hand, by the handle, with the long length of the rod parallel to the ground and pointing forward. Hold it loosely but not so loosely that it topples, and don’t hold it too tightly or it won’t be able to swing open. Put your elbows to your sides. This keeps your hands and rods steady, and helps center your energy. Clear your mind and get centered.


In order to search for anything using a rod, you must clear your mind and then focus very clearly on what ever it is that you are looking for. It helps to say the name of the object over and over as well as visualizing it in your mind.


Rod divining involves a great deal of walking; it can be a tiring method of divining. Still it is one of the most accurate methods of all, particularly if you own the rod you are using. You develop a kind of communion with the rod, as you work with it you are attuning to its energies and it becomes at one with you.

Once you get a clear picture of what you are looking for walk slowly and gently in the direction the rods are pointing, this is the direction to what you are looking for. Walk slowly and deliberately and allow the rods to move freely. As you walk the rods will move and point to another direction, carefully turn your body and follow in this direction. Your rods are now guiding you to what you are looking for. When they reach the area of the desired object, the rods will cross over each other in front of your body or swing fully open, indicating they have found what you were searching for.

 The direction that your rods will turn varies from person to person, sometimes only one rod is dowsing for you, when you actually put it into practice you’ll quickly see how the rods turn for you, and you’ll notice that they’ll follow the same pattern almost every time.


 What To Search For:

 You can search for underground water, minerals, oil and ore; buried or hidden objects and substances; treasure, lost valuables, missing persons or pets; downed aircraft, lost vessels at sea; earth's telluric currents, energy rings, spirals and ley lines. One may feel wave fronts from crystals, blessed objects, symbols, signature emanations and the human aura.

When you first begin, it may be fun to look for easy things i.e., - take me to a particular animal or family member in the house. Other good things to look for are: the front door, a plant, a flower, the garden gate etc. These may seem silly things to look for, however, as you do, you are strengthening your confidence and getting in more and more practice. It is not a good idea to look for important things first up, such as an important lost document or piece of jewelry for three reasons:

One - it may not even be on the site any longer

Secondly - there is too much stress and importance around these objects to allow you to relax.

Thirdly - if you place too much importance on these objects, and cannot find them when you are just beginning to practice, you may lose heart and give up altogether.

 Develop slowly on less important things, as these can always be looked for later. Another good thing to look for may be the best place on your property for you to meditate or to practice your divining.


 How to use them to ask yes and no questions!


Dowsing is also used to determine answers to other questions such as the sex of an unborn child and for foretelling the future. You can ask your rods to cross in front of you to provide a "No" answer and open up around you for a "Yes" answer. In this manner you can ask many questions.




 The possibilities are endless.

Use your imagination.

Have your own set to connect to.

 The more you use them the stronger the bond will be.

And most importantly always remember:

Your rods are a tool that will become part of you!

Treat them with respect and not like a toy and they will not let you down!



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